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Exercise for Mental and Physical Relief

Yoga is an exercise which gives the necessary stress and strains to the body muscles and improves the blood circulation. The proper location for yoga is necessary to get the essence of its effect. Generally a location which gives fresh atmosphere, read more...

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Goat yoga is the latest trend, and it's here to namaste

Have you ever taken a yoga class? How about a class where goats are strolling around and interacting with the yogis? That's what happens in Willamette Valley, Oregon, where Lainey Morse started goat yoga classes in August 2016.

Morse said a

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The Mindfulness Project Blog

Think back for a moment to what you did over Christmas and New Year's. Maybe you spent time with family. Perhaps you carved out some space just for yourself, or got some friends together for a party. Whether it's Christmas Day, New Year's Eve or s read more...

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17 Best Blogs on Mindfulness and Personal Growth

My favorite blogs to read have changed throughout the years, but one thing that hasn't is my love for reading them. Most recently, I'm loving blogs that focus on personal growth and mindfulness. I love bloggers who discuss how we can improve our m read more...

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Studio 8 Options African-American Superpowers Comic Black For Big Screen

Studio 8 Options African-Americans Superpowers Comic 'Black' | Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: HBO flow yoga and Amazon are developing their respective controversi read more...

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Singer-songwriter Jewel used self-taught meditation to help cope with rough childhood and anxiety

Multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated artist Jewel said she developed a mindfulness meditation practice on her own at a young age to help cope with a tough childhood, homelessness as a teen and even pitfalls in her music career.

"I just start

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Group Treadmill Classes Give SoulCycle a Run for Its Money

Every Saturday morning, a pack of ten runners blasts through 45 minutes worth of sprints and hills. But rather than training on a track or the road, they take the Precision Running class held on a ban read more...